• I had a great time with Shayne and will repeat. There are other very positive threads about her.
  • Very comfortable girl to be with, excellent all around looks. Very sensuous and know how to use her feet and make it be a great time. Tattoo down right side of her body, but hardly noticed.
  • Shayne is one of very few who actually look much better than in her photos.
  • had me begging for her to stop because the spanks were getting too abusive for me
  • is one of a kind. She's amazing!
  • She has a great smile and seems to enjoy herself and in turn I had a really good time. Now I know what all the fuss is about!!
  • She has a great, sometimes a little evil, laugh. If you hear it, watch out, it means she has thought of something devious to do
  • Her ass could save lives. If they would show a picture of her ass at every red light, no one would ever run another one. Guys would be screeching to a stop so they could look at it.
  • Where Shayne really stood out for me was the tease and denial she was engaging in. It was more aggressive than I've ever encountered and was right on the edge of what I could handle. When I asked if it was okay if I cried her response was that if I did she would use my tears as lube. No sympathy.
  • It was been a while since I have spent time with Shayne, however she was never forgotten as my experience with her was so memorable. Furthermore she is a very vibrant personality and an exceptional provocateur that she captivated me in her twitter (, oasis Aqua Lounge and other sources of visual and intellectual showcasing media and I knew I had to meet her again sooner than later.
  • Shayne is one of the most outgoing, feisty, cool, kind and funniest people I have met in the industry. She is also extremely intelligent and well rounded in her life experiences. I could have spoken to her all day..I almost did if it wasn't for her over-powering sexual drive. She was considerate and made me comfortable. I am pretty sure she remembered me from our previous encounters and we did find common ground. In fact she has done and is involved in a few thrill experiences I have done and have been wanting to do. I told her "I want to be like you". She is a cool chick. She is out-going with a sexual, passionate, dominating streak that would make any man go crazy. I wanted to take her with me. Her energy is inspiring as well as her sexual chemistry.
  • Weeks later, at work, you will find yourself still daydreaming about your time with Lady Shayne. You will not forget her bewitching smile or her perfect toned body,which she uses fullly. Her crushing grip and feather light caresses will remain in your memory. The experience is so good because she loves what she does and truly cares about the experience you have. She gets to your most important organ, your brain. You will be dominated entirely the whole time, but dominated with love. Thank you.
  • Lady Shayne you are amazing. You were in total control throughout our time together, with implied cruelty, yet there was something sweet and kind that always came through. It is because you truly enjoy what you do and you are very good at it. I could trust you with my vulnerable position. You used your totally hot body to its fullest. Thank you.
  • You will not find a better woman than Shayne. The best thing about her is she is open, intelligent and non-judgmental. I have had the privilege of having a few sessions with her and was amazed at how comfortable she made me feel, until it was time to feel uncomfortable! And let me tell you, it was a pleasure! She knows what she is doing and a better person you will not find.
  • A Hearty Welcome to You Lady Shayne. Believe me, A Skilled, Beautiful Tormentress such as Yourself is so Welcome in this Great City. I envision them one day in the not too distant future, building a statue in Your Honour, maybe next to the Archer at City Hall…