So, This is my Life

It's very nice to meet you.

As you gander at these digital pages, sitting there curious and engaged, I'm astounded, at the number of people that contact me and ask for things I don't offer. So I shall explain, in hopes that you don't waste my time booking me, showing up and you were expecting something ... ridiculous. I've done my best to provide links to definitions so if you don't know what a service is, you can take it upon yourself to click the f*cking link to find out more information. Still I can understand that the terms may be confusing or the definitions vague, but if you have no idea what something is then clarify with me before booking it or looking it up on a porn site to see if you like it. My job is hard enough I don't need to go into a session prepped and ready to go then suddenly be at a loss when you think role play means sex! It is irritating and a perfect way to piss me off assuming things will go down exactly how you saw it in your dreams and give me that sad look on your face when I say absolutely not. I do my best to inform you of the services prior to booking, but that doesn't mean I suddenly offer more super secret services once you show up!

I am a Professional Dominatrix and that is a very powerful title. It entails that I take the reins and control the situation. You must trust I know what I'm doing and feel safe when I push you to your limits (and then some). I'm all about education, SO EDUCATE YOURSELF! Read reviews on the provider to see if they are going to be worth your time. Click HERE to read some of my reviews. I'm so happy that I've made so many people happy and I've truly enjoyed myself these past years working out of Muse. But now is the start of a new era for myself, one where I'm my own boss and I'm stepping out into the world in a new environment, new tools and a new list of services. I have multiple locations that I work out of, each providing a certain charm so if there is a particular environment you'd like let me know. I will NOT go to your house, or to a hotel and don't invite yourself to my place as that is incredibly rude.

I do have access to some rather large toys if you wish to be adventurous, I have a VacBed, I have access to a Cesar fuck machine, an electricity play violet wand, many striking implements from wooden spoons to leather floggers, and a variety of other imaginative accessories. If you have no idea what you want, or expect, if you're a newbie or extremely versed in the world of kink, I welcome you with open arms and can adjust my ... enthusiasm, to better suit your style. I am open to trying new things just let me know so I can better prepare myself. Bring your own toys if you can for you know yourself better than I do and it will show me what you have already tried or at least what you are willing to try. Please read over the list of options, if it doesn't say I provide a service then it's more than likely I don't offer it. I'm always welcome to questions but don't push me if I say no.

And just to clarify; Role Play does NOT mean intercourse, nor does Body Worship or Orgasm Control. I do not fuck for offerings, but thanks for asking.