This is an ADULT Site By Furthering Your Venture You Agree That You Are The Age of Majority and Have Enough Status to Not Waste My Time. Alright, You May Proceed, But Remember, “We’re All Mad Here”.

By Furthering Your Venture ...

You Agree That You Are The Age of Majority and Have Enough Status to Not Waste My Time

Alright, You May Proceed With The Site, But Remember, "We're All Mad Here".



  1. Hey! I absolutely love your Spa sessions! I saw you now do requests at Fetish Fantasy Studios… Can you e-mail me what sort of service you offer?

    Thanks !

    • You can email me at the contact me section and I list the types of sessions I now provide.

  2. How do people contact you for session if none of those things Allow it doesn’t make sense

    • Go to the contact me section and email me

  3. Nice website. Me like a lot. Wish you weren’t leaving Muse though.

    • I decided to focus on my BDSM career and I am sad to have had to choose between Muse and the dungeon but I was at Muse for many years and I’m very excited to be working for myself! I’m always game for going back to Muse as a client if you wanna book a couples session over there! That would be so much fun!

  4. Hey lady! Met u in St Catherine’s, need some of those kitty keychains!! Hope ur good!

    and vanessa x

    • I’ve got some! go to the contact portion and contact me directly!

  5. A Hearty Welcome to You Lady Shayne. Believe me, A Skilled, Beautiful Tormentress such as Yourself is so Welcome in this Great City. I envision them one day in the not too distant future, building a statue in Your Honour, maybe next to the Archer at City Hall…

  6. You will not find a better woman than Shayne. The best thing about her is she is open, intelligent and non-judgmental. I have had the privilege of having a few sessions with her and was amazed at how comfortable she made me feel, until it was time to feel uncomfortable! And let me tell you, it was a pleasure! She knows what she is doing and a better person you will not find.

  7. Lady Shayne you are amazing. You were in total control throughout our time together, with implied cruelty, yet there was something sweet and kind that always came through. It is because you truly enjoy what you do and you are very good at it. I could trust you with my vulnerable position. You used your totally hot body to its fullest. Thank you.

  8. Weeks later, at work, you will find yourself still daydreaming about your time with Lady Shayne. You will not forget her bewitching smile or her perfect toned body,which she uses fullly. Her crushing grip and feather light caresses will remain in your memory. The experience is so good because she loves what she does and truly cares about the experience you have. She gets to your most important organ, your brain. You will be dominated entirely the whole time, but dominated with love. Thank you.

  9. It feels great to worship and serve You, You are the Goddess of all You are who must be worshipped and obeyed

  10. Lady Shayne is fabulous she can make fantasy into reality. She is my first Dominatrix and will be my only

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