So You Wanna Be A Pornstar Eh!?!

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Yes, That's Great! No?!?! Well Too Freaking Bad!!! As most of you already know the new stupid, retarded, nonsensical, ridiculous, absurd Prostitution Law, Bill C 36, has passed. I disagree with the representation that this bill will be help, when ultimately it will hinder any and all workers, those who WANT to work in the adult industry and those who don't. I say this because I WANT to work in the adult industry and I'm feeling the burn from this bill because my providers...

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So, This is my Life

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It's very nice to meet you. As you gander at these digital pages, sitting there curious and engaged, I'm astounded, at the number of people that contact me and ask for things I don't offer. So I shall explain, in hopes that you don't waste my time booking me, showing up and you were expecting something ... ridiculous. I've done my best to provide links to definitions so if you don't know what a service is, you can take it upon yourself to click the f*cking link to find out...

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